"And David danced before the Lord with ALL his might": Day 6

Tsfat/Safed was amazing.  We were only there for one afternoon and a crazy evening.  I'll let these pictures we took of Safed-ian street dancers do the talking. 

And that's it for our trip. We had a marvelous time and got to see a lot of Israel's North. ...and C.J.'s beardy Jewish twin dancing on the streets in Safed.


  1. Hey My Brooke and Harpey! The Galilee trip sounds amazing (not unlike all your other many adventures...) It is so wonderful for us to follow along your journeys from here in the deserts of Utah. In Safed I half expected to see bottle dancers and Russian soldiers as well... Le'chaim and all my love across the miles! Mum R

  2. I love your adventures. We seriously want to go there someday, until then, I will just live my traveling desires through your blog.

    And if you come out to DC I would seriously be tickled. I would LOVE to see you again! It has been so long!

  3. Max and Brooklyn,
    You are truly living an unreal life! I heard you had this amazing blog, so I googled your names until I found it and I just spent a half hour reading some of your latest blogs. I loved the story of the hike by the cliff ladder and the improper itching--I would probably get stoned if I lived there for my improper conduct:) I loved the pictures of the Sea of Galilee. Our recent trip to Disneyland with little Lucy just doesn't compare. I'm going to keep reading your blog! It is so good to hear you in your words! Take care!
    Shannon (Whipple) Lott

  4. Wow! And I want to buy one of those caps when I visit. Love you guys.