Stuff We Ate and Stuff We Saw

Our main purpose for going to New York was to see a few Broadway shows.  But how could we pass up these tiny cupcakes that were being sold out of a "shop" the size of my closet?  Fitting, really. 
After the tiny cupcakes we saw a new musical called Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson whose tag line is "History Just Got All Sexypants!"  For real.  It's is a musical about the life of Andrew Jackson.  I know, not thrilling right off the bat, but Jackson is portrayed as the in your face, emotional king of populism as it was practiced in the 1800's....with hilarious and spot on commentary about the way it is practiced in 2010.  The Artistic Director had this to say about his interpretation of the show:

[Bloody, bloody] is using the immensely pleasurable tools of Populism to critique that most dangerous of American political phenomena.  I think it is entertainment appropriate for our time.  It may be about our seventh president, but it tackles that ebullient, sentimental, no-nonsense, self-pitying, anti-intellectual, rowdy energy that is at the core of our national identity - with a precision that speaks totally to our moment.  This is who we are, and if it's horrifying, it can also be a lot of fun.  What a contradiction.  America.    

We had, as they say, a rollicking good time.  The costumes and set design were this awesome mix of Victorian England, 19th century Frontier, and one dash Trailer Park 1991.  The theater (below) was unreal.  Don't pay too much attention to the stuffed horse hanging upside down in the middle of the theater.
 We also saw an experimental movement piece that knocked our socks off.  It was a bit like an organized dance party and we had to move around the theater space throughout the show.  At one point a giant clear tarp filled with water was lowered above the audience, and people swam around in it.  Wild.

More on the Museum of Modern Art in the near future.  I'll just say that we saw someone marginally famous AND drank these amazingly overpriced and undersized hot chocolates at the Museum cafe.  It was all we could afford :)   
oohh, along with a report about the Museum of Modern art I will reveal the NYC public library exhibit that set my little librarian heart a flutter. 


  1. yay for nyc...
    those cupcakes look like the ones at the little shop near my old office...so many different flavors. I was powerless against their pull each morning.
    glad you had fun!

  2. Amazing pictures Brooke! I want to see the people swimming in the tarp! Sounds crazy! Only in NY.

  3. As always, love all your photographs! Looks like you two had a blast.

    P.S. Did you end up going to the Rally to Restore Sanity? I hope so, I'd love to hear all about it. Love you and miss your sweet face.

  4. I swear the people swimming in the tarp thing was on America's Next Top Model...Okay, I put it out there. It is my secret shame that I watch it and it's nonsense. Was it called Fuerzabuerta or something? It looks fascinating. I am so jealous of your plays and trips. I'm putting them down in my to do list one day. Miss you guys! Are you coming to Utah for the holidays at all?

  5. No worries on the actions. I just appreciate you sharing them! I can't wait to see the email with all the "sanity" goodness. :) Miss you tons...and tons.