Foreign Service Update

To our great surprise our departure date has been moved up from June to the middle of April!  This is actually a great thing, but it does make my "right on track" status in regards to planning more like "just behind the curve".  BUT I'm maniacally making lists and checking them twice as I am want to do.  The gist of our big list is as follows:

-Make sure that our travel orders are correct, schedule flights, UAB/HHE (our stuff) pickups
-Get housing, car, etc, figured out in Casablanca
-Get our diplomatic passports
-Make a Coscto run for spices and all things Mexican, pick up other things we will need in Casablanca that are hard to find.  We just bought a Christmas tree last week for example.
-Max has his language test in a couple of weeks and I have a few training courses I hope to get into

on that note...

About three months into French I had to quit for health reasons that made it difficult for me to get to class everyday, but I am still chugging along on my own with Rosetta Stone and go into FSI when I can.  I just started my Masters classes again so hopefully that will get my study butt in gear and I can hit the Francais more frequently.

In a few weeks French will end for Max and he will start his Consular training.  Exciting!

We are both going to a "Security Overseas Seminar" on Monday and Tuesday where I hope they will teach me the ever so scrappy Israeli handfighting skill of Krav Maga.  Krav Maga employs "wrestling, grappling and striking techniques, [...and is...] mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks".   ....but maybe I'll have to pick that one up on my own when we make it back to Israel.  


  1. Leaving sooner than planned is my worst nightmare! I hope everything runs smoothly for you.

    My hubby is probably going to SOS next week too because he has to make up the second day when we were scheduled.

    Sadly, there are no Krav Maga demonstrations, but there are lots of videos of explosions, if that's any consolation. :)

  2. That's so crazy that you leave so soon! Hadley and I want to come and visit you guys so bad! Hopefully when this law school business is done, maybe we can go on a vacation. What health concerns are going on? Email me and let me know how you are.

  3. Chad and I were just watching a special on Krav Maga...looks awesome. You should just transfer those "Dirty Pop" moves into some striking techniques. :)

    Congrats on the new April date! May all the pieces fall into place (as I'm sure they will) and go smoothly!!

  4. I was just wondering when you were leaving. June to April is a big change! Hope your health issues are nothing big- good luck getting ready.

  5. How crazy! Moving up the date! I bet it is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. I hope you are feeling okay now and that the doctors are figuring everything out. Take care! Love ya!

  6. Wow and hope that you are feeling better. No fun to miss class, but great that you have RS and can still make it in at times.

    Good luck getting everything accomplished, thinking of you!