"Give it Up Y'all!"

Brooke: "No, no, no, I can't say that!"

Max: "Make some noise?"

Brooke: "No, I can't say that either..."

Max: "What about put your hands together!

Brooke: "...well... oh, no. That will never work."

Max: "Well, what do you feel comfortable saying?"

Brooke: "Well, something like Hello and Good Evening.  I'd like to welcome you to what is sure to be a great show.  Please enjoy your evening."

Max: "At a hip hop concert?  You want to say hello and good evening?"

When I started my new job in the Public Affairs section a few months ago I knew I'd be well, interacting with the public, but I didn't know I'd be called upon to emcee a hip hop concert.  If you know me you can confirm that I am, in fact, a huge nerd.  I like to read, I like to make and appreciate art, and I like documentaries.  I like to stay home and parties make me really nervous.  I like fogey rock and indie music that you could sleep to.  But when a Muslim Hip Hop band from America comes to Morocco and it's your job to introduce them in front of several hundred people - you do it.

Just before I went on stage one of the band members, nice as pie, gave me a little pep talk about gettin' my groove on.

"You just have to be a little vulnerable"  he said

"Yeah, that was it, that laugh you just did - it's relate-able and engaging.  You can do this!  ...Just don't be a...librarian..."  he finished with smile.  

I'm happy to report that with only one minor mess-up my gig, as the kids call it, went very well.  


  1. Oh wow, that is my worst nightmare! But congrats on your successful first gig. :)

  2. That sounds like an amazing experience, even if it was a little awkward.
    I am sure you did great.

  3. DETAILS, friend, we need DETAILS!

  4. You two may be the cutest couple in history!

  5. I must know what you said! Please, please, please! More details.

  6. If I remember correctly, the Brooke I know is not 100% nerd. Remember that dance routine you and Jen had down perfect? Was it back street boys? What was it? Maybe not hip hop, but you two were hot! I bet you were great! Next time you and Max should do it as a team, let his inner Kevin Baconness come out!

    So we didn't make it to Italy, but went to Ireland instead. Had a tour of Trinity College in Dublin and saw the most beautiful library ever! Totally thought of you when looking at the AMAZING Book of Kells!

  7. @Marinda

    You know, Max and I revisited that moment in my life a few weeks ago and tried to learn a dance from the internet...it did not come as easily as when I was 17, if you can imagine :)

    YOU SAW THE BOOK OF KELLS!? That is so amazing! Awesome Rin. I had a "History of Books and Libraries" teacher from Ireland who worked at Trinity College and told us all about the amazing treasures they have. And the long reading room with the giant windows? Anyway, thanks for sharing. It made my day:)