Arf! Arf!

It must have been a pretty funny sight, the two of us scurrying down Casablanca's dark moped lined alleys whispering "Business time. It business time" in much higher than normal tones.

But that image makes more sense if you know that we have a brand new puppy!
His name is Buckley, Buckley Barnam, and even though I have fought it for several years, this little guy melted my heart and thus, he came home with us a few weeks before Christmas.

At the puppy palace on that fateful day: 

Me: I don’t know if I really want to play with them. Remember how I don’t really like dogs? And we aren’t ready to buy one yet. And these aren’t even the types of dogs we talked about. 

Max:  Well let’s just see. What about that one? 

Me:  That Yorkie? Well….he is kind of cute. Ok …hhmmm, he’s so calm and adorable…. 

Other woman entering the store: Let’s see, where’s that cute Yorkie we saw here last night? 

Me: Oh, she means my adorable, chill, snuggly, wuggly ball of crazy hair. I’m sorry, he’s not available anymore. 

And that was it.

Max and I had a really ridiculous moment as we faced each other between the TWO bedazzled puppy bed isles with the soon to be named Buckley in my arms. “Is this our dog!? Did we just get a dog!?” Our eyes welling up a little. We swooped through the store, puppy tucked under arm, picking up things one might need for a puppy. Bed? yes, he’ll need that. Toenail clippers? Puppy toenails grow…right? Toys? Just a few. This is going to be so much fun and he’ll be so good!

But then we got home, and freaked out a little bit.

Oh my gosh, it pees in the house. How do we potty train him? We both have full time jobs! How can we walk him outside when our neighborhood is full of broken concrete and glue sniffers? What do puppies eat for treats? Ah! How can we get him to stop jumping on the couch!? He seems nervous, is he nervous? How can we make him not nervous…? Oh no, he started to bark!

Enter the Moroccan Dog Whisperer.  Mustapha comes to our house once or twice a week to teach us how to train Buckely.  After only a couple of minutes at our first session he had him laying down and sitting and all sorts of things on command.  And everyone has been very calm since that night. We have been practicing our little doggy rules and our little doggy is catching on very quickly.  We've even passed the "getting up in the night to piddle" stage - I know, aren't we ridiculous?   


  1. Congrats on the new puppy! That is very exciting. Good luck!

  2. Mmmm ... who could resist that face?

  3. So cute! That puppy is just adorable. Congrats!

  4. What a sweetie!

    I love your blog Brooke! :)

  5. Is it bad that the fact that you have a puppy makes me just a little more motivated to visit? ;)

  6. So cute! I'm not an animal lover by any means, but I think this is awesome.

  7. I am no animal lover either shan....I don't know how this happened!?

    Kelly - nope. I don't really care people's motivation :)