When it Rains it Pours!

Not real rain though - Morocco is still seriously lacking in real rain this season.  But in busy-ness!  I hate to interrupt a travel story mid trip, especially one where we have just emerged from a freezing haunted Moroccan castle, but there have been some goings on around these parts.

We had an "S" visit to Morocco this past week.  For those of you who haven't been indoctrinated into the State Department Acronym and Initials Secret Code yet, "S" means Secretary of State.  As in THE secretary of State.  Of America.  The consulate wasn't directly involved in the visit, but Max and I were able to meet Madame Secretary and shake her hand.

I don't meet a lot of famous people but in general I don't get very hyped about it.  People are people, right?  But just before driving over from church to where the meet and great was held I had been chopping up Basil for a salad.  In the car I realized my hands still very much smelled of Basil and oh my gosh I'm going to shake the Secretary of State's hand with my basil-smelling hand and then she'll board air-force-secretary-one or whatever it is and put her hand up to her face and say "Basil, how curious."  But when I realized that was probably the worst possible outcome I got over it.

It's really refreshing to have these kinds of "Big Picture" meetings from time to time.  I'll spare you the sentimental paragraph I just wrote and erased about serving your country and being engaged in meaningful work, and just say that this is a neat job and North Africa is a neat place to be right now.

On other fronts...

I am still wearing a pony tail in light of mullet-gate 2012, but my hair is growing pretty fast.

Our dog is still very adorable and better not grow out of his on-board carrier before we attempt a trans-Atlantic flight this May...

I figured out how to make Taquitos from local stuffs and can't believe it took me so stinkin' long

I have been moved from teaching the 11 year olds at church to teaching the 8 & 9 year olds and so far so good.  We had a lesson today about a man who stood on a tower to teach his people and we played Jenga - it was a big hit.

We took a wee trip to the seaside with our dog and I'll be posting more about that later.  It was the first trip where we planned nothing and did nothing and I loved it.  That Max, he's such a calming influence on me :)

Max is having a graphic novel he has written illustrated and the project is at the half way point.  Very exciting.  He's applied for a grant that would pay for production, printing, and advertising - we'll know more in June, but keep your collective fingers crossed!

We are busy planning our home leave and can't wait to see many of you.  We are hoping to fit in at least one camping weekend and other fun activities whilst home-leaving.  ...including buying a heavy duty new camera lens?  Yes, even that.

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  1. Wow! Madame Clinton? Wow! Graphic Novel? Wow! You two never sit still for long, do ya?