Farewell Tour

We visited three of our favorite cities for the last time this week*.

Boo for that.

I don't know if this is cowardly, or kind or something else, but we didn't tell most of our Moroccan friends that we wouldn't be seeing them again.  Mubarak, our carpet guy in Marrakesh, made us swear to call him for couscous at the family home on a future visit that probably won't happen and Habiba doesn't know we won't be making the pilgrimage to Essaouira to talk henna and fudgy cubes of Amber anymore.  Our friend Farida, in Fez, sent me home with a beautiful rust colored Djelaba when we told her this would be our last time stomping through the Medina in search of Chicken Pastilla and Fassi embroidery.  

Goodbyes are the worst.  And so, in what I think will be our fashion, we might not say very many.  We've been very blessed to meet so many wonderful people and learn so many new things, and, and...well, I just can't bring myself to write a goodbye post when there are so many in our future.  So, what I'll say is this:  We have LOVED Morocco.  We've lived here longer than anywhere in our married life.  We...Oh, there I go again, goodbye posting.  When I can work up the steam, I'll post all about our "lasts" in favorite cities instead, but in the mean time I leave you in the hands (or face) of our amazing traveling dog who experienced them with us.

*We leave Morocco in April


  1. I think you're wise to skip the good byes.

    And I'm really excited that you're going to be here in the very same city as me in a very short time!

  2. i get it. looking forward to saying some hellos instead in july!

  3. Morocco looks beautiful, we had a friend head there recently on her first tour! We're leaving DC for Manila in June on my husband's first assignment and really looking forward to it! I suppose it's best to look at life as an EFM as an opportunity for lots of hellos.