Rug Envy

Well, after you see these pictures you'll know that I no longer have rug envy.  Because I bought all the rugs in Morocco.  But actually, that's not how envy works and feeding it is kind of a bad thing.


My actual life right now is kind of a mess of costo running, dog walking, list making, dinner cooking, plant tending, friend catching up-ing and semi-freakouts about moving in exactly one month.  SOOOO, we'll take a moment and remember the carpet souk in Khemmiset, Morocco.  Bare in mind that I had already amassed a fairly large rug collection BEFORE stomping through the muddy market streets to the once weekly rug fair.  I'm already feeling embarrassed about opening up my house hold effects in Oman (currently being stored somewhere in Northern Europe) and unpacking more rugs than we will have floor space.  But again, whatever.

 Once you buy a rug, those little ladies chase you around with more and more rugs.  I've never seen such tenacious selling in all my life.  It made the souk of Khan al-khalili in Egypt look like a kick back kind of time.  After I bought a few, the Berber women and I had an understanding.  They would laugh, shove the rug at me, we'd make eye contact, she'd laugh again, shove it closer, and then I'd put my hand over my heart and we'd all walk away friends.  
No, these are not all mine.  Whenever someone in the group bought a rug we piled it into the cart and pushed it around to the next vendor.  Shopping carts are for suckers.  We need rickety two wheelers at the Walmart with some real space.    


  1. I'm drooling. I definitely have rug envy!

  2. Those look nice, Brooke. My comments about "Persian" rugs don't apply to those. I've got envy too.

  3. Ahh, I new I could pull you over to the rug side M...

  4. My husband has fallen over to the rug side. Great thing about Oman - as you build a relationship with the carpet sellers you can leave a deposit with them and take rugs home to 'try them out for a while' before deciding or buying. We also had friends there who left a huge rug they had gotten earlier in another place with an Omani dealer with the idea that they might find some buyers and consider swapping it for a few smaller rugs and change. It is all about the relationship. And drinking coffee. :) Happy rug looking days lie ahead!!