The Mall

The Jefferson Memorial
The Library of Congress
The Washington Monument

The Capital Building
The Ulysses S. Grant Monument 

DC Over the Potamac


  1. Good grief woman. Those are some stunning photos.
    Have you had a chance to go to the Holocaust Museum yet? There aren't really words to describe it, but make sure you go if you can.
    Miss ya.

  2. Yes, I love seeing my city through your eyes. Those pictures are amazing!

  3. Such beautiful pics. What a great place to think about your life all over the world. Hopefully you get a great assignment. And if not, just remember it won't last forever! When we lived in Virginia, we had a girl babysit for us who had lived all over the world. She said her favorite place was Saudi Arabia. That surprised me coming from a teenage girl, but it was good to hear that families can thrive even in crazy places!

  4. You have made what are already beautiful places look that much more enchanting. We loved our year in VA for FSI training. It looks like you're enjoying yourself as well.


  5. I included some information from your blog on the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup for this week: http://scrivners.blogspot.com/2010/08/state-department-weekly-blog-roundup.html

    If you would rather not have me mention your blog or use your words or photos, please leave a comment on the post and I'll remove the info. Thanks--

  6. I am very green with envy at your pictures of DC. I can't wait to go someday...maybe that will be while you are there hopefully! I also can't wait to hear where you are going or what your preferences are. It seems like a fun game of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? but with reality intermixed. It was so fun to vist with you two and hear all about life. Ali, it is not your city:) Just kidding. I just read somewhere that it was named for Washington.

  7. Shan - you are great. Shoot me an email sometime so I have yours. I sat down to write you the other day, but realized I didn't have it...or lost it...or lost my mind... I'm not sure which one.
    You are welcome at our house any time.