Ichabod, Ichabod Crane

I know that we are not quite in the land of Ichabod Crane and his Sleepy Hollow, but this past weekend felt awesomely reminiscent.  Max and I had a few friends in town and we took a "Haunted tour of Alexandria" led either by either an enthusiastic young man in colonial garb or a disenfranchised Tea Party patriot - sometimes it's hard to tell around here :)  But either way, the tour wound its way through old town Alexandria and left us in a cemetery where many of the gravestones had been stolen during the civil war to provide a steady base for clunky, off-kilter 19th century cannons.

The next day we drove through Alexandria on the way to Mt. Vernon and saw Mr. Headless Horseman himself!
We rented a car for the weekend because I saw a weekend deal from a rental company that advertised "9.99 per day Fri-Sun".  What a steal! Having rented a car before I thought this will probably not include insurance and that will be the kick in the pants.  But when I totaled everything up my bill said "$22".  I even called and asked if my total was $22.

"Yes Ma'am"

Sounds too go to be true doesn't it?  Well, it was and when mr. mr. handed me my contract he said

"Now, do you have your own insurance or will you be purchasing insurance from us for XX a day?"

Ah ha!  If I had car insurance don't you think I'd have...a car?  In their defense I never said "Hello, do I have to pay additional for insurance?"  Because truly, I wanted it to be $22 dollars for the weekend.  It was my own fault.

But I got right down to turning that frown upside down and called Max on my way to the Falls Church Farmer's Market to say "Pack a lunch - we are going to Mt. Vernon!"

Max calls it 'getting my coupon's worth', and that is essentially what it is.  If I'm paying for it, I'm going to wring out every last bit of value.  And we certainly did.

Mt. Vernon was the home of Martha and General George Washington.  It's located on the banks of the Potamac and on this mid October Saturday it was stunning.  A note about something awesome: The walls in Mt. Vernon are CRAZY colors.  Mostly really vivid blues and greens.  You can see a pic of one room here and another one here.  These images are not exaggerated.  I didn't know anything about the history of wall paint in the 18th and 19th centuries, but don't you want to research it now?
The spoils of the Farmer's Market.  The perfect treat for a fall road trip.  


  1. Woo hoo! Alexandria!

    The restaurant the horse is in front of is Hard Times cafe, we often walk there for dinner. Also, during the Saint Patrick's Day parade they put a horn on him to make him a unicorn!

  2. OH my gosh, I should have realized that. Next time we go out of town we will have to let you guys borrow our car!

  3. I can't tell you how jealous I am of you going to George and Martha's. Have you ever been to the Manti Temple? Also crazy wall colors...I know it is a bit later, but still crazy. Did they tell you all about how George was an amazing interior decorator and was obsessed with art work and other decorating fashions of the time? It always makes me laugh thinking of him in that way.

  4. Nice pictures - is it really fall already? When did that happen, exactly?

  5. Shan - they did not tell us about George's decorating streak! ...looks like they needed a better High School History teacher! What more can you tell me about this little known fact?

  6. If you join USAA -- you should qualify because you're Foreign Service -- you should look into the $5-a-year rental car insurance policy.

  7. Brooke,
    Now that I have finally read your response to my comment, I can comment back. I love to watch the history channel's series called "The Presidents" which has random facts about all the Presidents and the first ladies. Apparently George Washington was also quite the dancer. All the women would fight over who would dance with him at the Presidential Balls. My newest love is Teddy Roosevelt--he drank a gallon of coffee a day and was always out of control hyper or something. There are some more random facts for you:) Love ya!