Needles Shmeedles

Imagine me, chatting away with the phlebotomist as she drains blood from my arm, my head actually turning down to watch the process at one point.

"All finished."

"So fast? Well, thanks.  See you again tomorrow"

If this situation doesn't strike you as monumental, then you missed the post about about my extreme needle phobia.  Or should I say, my former extreme needle phobia?  (Trypanophobia for anyone who wants to wikipedia the official name for this phobia like we just did) 

That's right.  I think I've kicked the habit - the habit of passing out and having a panic attack around needles.  Fertility treatment means, among other things, needlemania.  For the first and second blood draws I laid down, for the third I sat in the chair but had Max sit by me in case he needed to catch me, for the fourth I sat in the chair without a Max safety net (just wike a big giwrl), and for the most recent one I chitty chatted away with the phlebotomist and even watched part of the process.

I'm ecstatic.    

On top of regular blood draws I decided to start seeing an acupuncturist.  I was a bit nervous for the needles at first, but they are so small and the relaxation so intense that I quickly got over it.  She has been a great intermediary between the Western and Eastern approach to medicine and the body.

On top of acupuncture and regular blood draws, I have been giving myself a shot every night when Max gets home from work.  Well, to be fair, Max has actually been the shot giver, but I have been the bravest.  The first night I iced the area down (a nice tummy roll - I've never been so glad to have a few extra pounds) cleared a spot on the couch where I could faint gracefully without hurting myself and prepared for doom.  But to my great surprise (and Max's as well) I could hardly feel it.  Subsequent nights went better and better to the point that I began looking forward to our 5:00 PM date so that I could face and hopefully conquer my fears a little bit more.

So it's official, I'm a grown up.  


  1. good for you! best of luck w your project, sending you baby dust.
    hope you can join us on 2/26.

  2. Your a big girl now! I'm so proud of you sis :)

  3. Congrats! I only got over my fear of needles when I had to have my blood drawn on a regular basis as well. As an 18 year old, I had a hissy fit in the middle of BYU campus while my mom tried to coax me toward the flu shot booth. I still don't love needles, but I don't have a fit every time someone suggests a flu shot either.

  4. I hope things work out well and that a little one is on the way soon!
    (I used to be pretty anti needles too but once you get stuck tons, it just stops mattering. It helped that one of our midwives actually figured out how to draw my blood without making it hurt like crazy.)

    Thinking of you and hoping for good news soon!

  5. Acupuncture saved me during this last pregnancy. I could barely move my back hurt so bad, a few regular pokes from my midwife and tadaa!! I was all better. Glad you're doing well!

  6. Hi Brookie - I have had acupuncture and I loved it. It is very relaxing and you really don't see the needles going in. Be sure to the doc pulls them all out though...I went into Starbucks with needle in my head. I felt like that guy who wears the tinfoil hat and roams the streets of SLC. Love you love you and so proud of your needle conquering.


  7. Okay, this really has me giggling for some reason:
    "..where I could faint gracefully without hurting myself and prepared for doom."
    And you know where I pictured you doing this as I read it? On our big blue futon in Jerusalem. lol. Yes, I realize we are all back in the great land of America, but I obviously need to see some pics of your new digs because my mind has a hard time picturing you anywhere but my crusty old apartment. ;)

    Good luck on the treatments. I pray for you - like, for real I do.

  8. Well done! And I must confess- I'm not usually squeamish with needles, but the thought of giving myself one in my MIDSECTION?! makes me woozy at the thought! You're a brave woman.

  9. I don't think I could handle it. I was getting woozy just reading your post and thinking about the last time I had blood drawn...gross-o. Hope everything is going well. Take care of you (and Max)!

  10. Way to be one tough grown up! I don't know if I could handle that either. I think that you're amazing.