I know this isn't what you want to read...

but for family history purposes I have to record a few bullet points from our time in New York before moving on to more Moroccan pastures.

New York City: April 17-20

Taxi ride from Hell - JFK to Soho.  Yuck. 

Shared a sausage roll and tartufo at Saluggis. It made everything ok. 

Worked on my thesis over a peanut butter bagel breakfast the next morning.

Walked through China Town and spent several minutes watching a man cut and scoop out a fruitish substance from what looked to be a porcupine referred to simpl as "The King of the Fruits".  Anyone been to China and know what that was?

Ate a full meal, including sodas, for $9 at The Dumpling House.  Dined on chive and pork dumplings with spicy wontons and pork fried buns.  Delish. 

Overheard this conversation between the two men sitting next to me at lunch

"Have to you been in touch with Thomas Freedman lately?"
 I lean in closer
"No, he's just been so busy."

Really!?  If the answer would have been yes, I think I would have ponied right up to their table and helped myself to a won ton while I caught up with old Tom vicariously.  In hindsight...maybe I should have done that anyway. 

Got our computer fixed at the mac store where I caught a free photoshop demonstration.  New skills for the pictures of Morocco I have not taken yet.

Ate the best doughnuts ever at The Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side.  We shared a tres leche, chocolate volrhona, chocolate chocolate cake doughnut, and chocolate chip cookie cake doughnut.  That's a gooda doughnut.  Thanks for the tip Eve!

Finished our time in New York with a bank breaking sushi night.  Max was obsessed with getting "New York Sushi" because of that Office episode where Michael and Dwight aren't invited to Ryan's hip New York party.  Dumb reason, good sushi.


  1. The king of fruits is the Durian, a little taste of hell if you ask me. It smells terrible.

  2. Durian isn't that bad. The texture is really mushy and it smells like a dirty diaper, but if you can get past the smell (in Taiwan they call it "stinky fruit" and it really is!) it can be almost good!

  3. Ah Ha! Durian. Got it. My favorite endorsement is "it can almost be good" :)