Eid Mubarak


These are the last days of Ramadan and the streets are empty when I walk the dog.  Every morning I see the aftermath of what must have been a killer all night party.  Garbage litters the abandoned streets and sloshes of Harria soup stain the sidewalk.  Bits of bread and chicken remain under cafe awnings where they were haphazardly dropped at Iftar the night before.  The street cleaners are leisurely in their morning duties, if not down right negligent.

But the dog doesn't mind the mess.  In fact, I have a suspicion that early morning Ramadan walks have been his favorite to date.  This morning he chomped at some chicken bones, nosed through a mound of moroccan bread, and attempted a good old fashion "roll in the yuck"...in something that looked like yuck.


Now that Ramadan is over there is a kind of palpable, collective relief in the streets.  People are back to their afternoon coffee and they can face the August heat with a robustness they haven't felt in weeks.  There is a sense of accomplishment that they have managed this feat yet another year but also of sadness that the family gatherings and feasting and supplication are over.

I'm glad I'll get at least two more years of Ramadan.... :)

(The suspense is killing me too - but after our weekend scare you'll understand why I'm keeping a lid on things!  To be continued..)


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  1. I am DYING to know what the future holds for you guys. Hurry up and spill it. :)