"Are there cute Mormon girls?"

That's what he asked me as I stepped off the treadmill. He is a gym madrich (guide or assistant in Hebrew) who lives near us and last Saturday he saw me and Brooke walking to church. I may be the only guy in our student dormitory complex that owns a suit and tie and this madrich, when he spotted me at the gym, came over and wanted to know where we were going in such formal duds.

"Well, we go to church. We like to dress sharp"
"What sect of Christian are you?"
"We're called Mormons."
"Ah, yes. Mormons. I know."

He then went on to ask if we celebrated any additional holidays and whether we believed in Jesus (I answered negative to the former and affirmative to the latter). When he asked what makes us different from other Christians, I told him those were things I could not share and I explained the restrictions placed upon Mormons while they are in Israel. When I finished, he nodded his head and said:

"Hmm, interesting. But I do have one question."

This is where I got kinda nervous, thinking maybe I hadn't fully explained myself, until he asked:

"Are there any cute Mormon girls?"

With evident relief, I said yes, however they generally marry cute Mormon boys. He smiled and seemed undeterred by this obstacle.


  1. What's this about not sharing certain things? I think I've heard about it before, but forgot. Is it part of the visa application or something? What kinds of things can you not talk about? Is it just for Mormons or for all non-jews? Sorry for so many questions.

  2. Hilarious!
    Next time say, "Yes, but only one, and I already got her."

  3. Said the cute Mormon boy who married the cute Mormon girl.