O'er the Ramparts We Walked

A friend and I took the "Ramparts Walk" today around the walls of the Old City. You literally walk on top of the walls and sometimes in between turrets and wall segments with slits where various military persons would shoot arrows and sundry objects through.  (We're talking since the Mamluks here people - 13th century)

It was really eye opening to see Jerusalem from so many different vantage points.  There are more recreational centers (read: basketball  courts and soccer fields made of dirt) than you might think.  We both wanted to die at the end, the walk being more like a miles and miles long scruffle up and down VERY steep staircases for 4 hours, BUT it was well worth it.

Ancient-ish "Rampart"
  The walk provided a great view of David's Citadel. (Only called after King David - not built by)
Oh, vanity of vanities!  I made my friend take this picture because I'm hardly in any pictures I've taken around Jerusalem.  I like to place myself at the scene of the crime, as it were, for future generations. 


  1. LOVE the pictures, Brooke. You're so on the ball. I'll be lucky if I post about our day before the month is through. :)
    Thanks for an awesome day, my friend. I had so much talking with you. Although I feel like I could go to bed and sleep for days now.

  2. Hi, Brook,
    I am your "friend's" mother. Thank you so much for going with Amy on this WONDERFUL trip today. She LOVED it and I loved hearing about it. Tom and Amy love their friendship with the two of you! Thank you again!!! Joni B.

  3. Oh, Joni! I think that I am the one who should be thanking you for raising such a great daughter. We love Amy too!

  4. What an amazing view! I love these shots. Thanks for posting them.