Wouldn't You?


I'm just saying.  If you were going to run an Arts and Theater language camp for Italian children, wouldn't you choose the Italian Riviera as your headquarters? 

Turns out SanRemo (pictured) is where our Italian Job (yeah, I said it) will start this summer.  We will spend a week there and then two weeks somewhere else yet to be determined.  Most of the locations are in the north, with Rome being the most southern.  My vote is either a small Umbrian village close to where St. Francis of Assisi did his thing, Tione de Trento  or Trent, as in "The Council of", or one very northern town on the border with Switzerland.  We wouldn't mind going back to Florence either...and really, anywhere would be amazing.  I realize that, don't worry.

In other travel/Italy news, my latest discovery on the world book tour is the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica, Italy.  In this most northern region of the Lombardy you can find one of the largest and best collections of prehistoric petroglyphs.  I'm trying to steer our summer stopover in Italy to the north so that we can see these caves.