A book, a book...and a book

As often happens, I get started on one project that kind of spirals into several. I do a lot of work in a flurry and then don't make anything for a while. But whatever. It's my art and that's the way I want to do it :) So, I finished the book I mentioned previously...and a few others.
This book will be a photo album from our time in Jerusalem.  Max is going to write Israel/Palestine in Hebrew and Arabic (respectively) and I'll put it in that indented space on the front.  It opens left to right, like Arabic and Hebrew books do.  I made this paste paper (not the paper itself, but the design on it) a few weeks ago and it was the only one to turn out decent from the whole batch.  I chucked the rest.  BUT I am going to try and make some more paste paper this weekend.  I'll blog about my results if things turn out well.
This book deserves a little note and a thanks to my Mom.  Someone came to visit us when we first got here and she offered to bring something for us.  I wanted paper.  My Mom probably thought I was a little loony, but paper she sent - this orange mosaic piece among them.  I don't know if my Mom always understands me, but she supports me and that means a lot.  She's the best.
This book is made of one signature (folded pieces of paper).  It's a good way to make a sturdy little book.


  1. Beautiful books!

    I'm such an American. You talked about the top book opening up all differently than here and I just stared at it in total amazement!

  2. These books are GORGEOUS! What fantastic works of art you've made. I like how the one you made while in Jerusalem will not only hold photos of Jerusalem but also gives a cultural nod to Jerusalem by opening left to right. So creative.

  3. It's Friday, and that means that the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

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