It's a Zen thing, like how many babies fit in a tire?

For some reason I've slipped into a blogging slump and I just can't get worked up to writing about anything.  But a recap for the past few weeks is probably called for.

-I bought my first favorite album of 2010 on Itunes last week.  The Temper Trap: Conditions.  Their Single "Sweet Disposition" was on the movie 500 Days of Summer, but they haven't just produced a good single - the whole CD is great.  "Love Lost", "Soldier On", and "Fools" are some of my favorite.  A ridiculous fasletto (ala fellow Aussie's The Beegees, the subtle anthem qualities of Cold Play or U2, a bit of funk on occasion, and a healthy "who says I can't?" attitude really caught our attention.    Max and I can't get over just how unique the vocals and the music are.  Amazing.  (I do want to give a nod to Muse's new album "The Resistance" - it's Queen meets outerspace.  Dramatic and rockin' and fabulous.)

-My bookbinding class is going very well.  My teacher is one of the most eclectic, amazing people I've ever met AND a fine bookbinder.  One of the many awesome life experiences he has shared with us came out last week - he used to be a Franciscan Monk in Canada, and now he's a Jewish bookbinder in Israel.  I'm really lucky to have found him and to be in class with a few really talented artists.  I feel a little bit like I'm wearing an art training bra when they talk about their many experiences, but that's how you learn.  I'm working on a rounded spine book right now that should be finished next week.

-I am teaching more English classes than I wanted to this semester, but I am glad for the money and the experience.  I have actually picked up private lessons with a fabulous Muslim woman from Dubai in her 30's.  She is a Doctor and studies some high level Cancer tissue something that I wasn't medically well read enough to understand.  But she is preparing to pass the British equivalent of the TOEFL (A language proficiency test they give in America) and we meet about three times a week.  She is wonderful and it makes the added hours not so difficult.

-We have weekly mini-panics about leaving here in only 6 weeks.  When we first got here we were really good about going out and seeing all the things we wanted to right up front.  There are about 3 museums still on our list, but otherwise we feel really good about accomplishing the things we wanted to here in Israel.  Our panics come mostly from the realization we will be leaving the many great friends we've made here.  I've never been very good at keeping in touch with people, but I'm getting better.  I can't bear the idea of making good friends and then leaving them every 2 years for the rest of my life SO my motivation is high to learn this skill.  What could be nicer than handpicking friends from amazing people all over the world?   

-We are solidifying our plans for Italy and we are really excited about it.  The plan so far is as follows: 2 days in Nice, 1 week in SanRemo, 2 weeks in Camerino(LeMarch), 1 weekend in Ascoli Piceno making paper, 1 weekend in Rome eating.  We are trying to loose our pasta weight before we go instead of after.  I have assigned Max to be my personal trainer and he's kicking my butt so far.  Just because HE has lost 30 pounds and can run forever doesn't mean I'm quite there yet:)    


  1. Ooooo, I would love to meet the Dr. Lady from Dubai and help her with her English for the TOEFL equivalent! How fun that would be!

    You're meeting such interesting people!

  2. Brooke and Max! I was in Jordan with you guys and saw from Amy and Tom's blog that you guys are in Jerusalem too. How lucky! I lived there before I went to Jordan. Enjoy the time you have left!

  3. Brookie and Max: I was just thinking about you guys this weekend--and wondering, with the Iceland Volcano Event, whether you two would need to get to Italy by tramp steamer, or something. God bless you both, much love, Dan

  4. I think leaving friends every two years would be so hard too. And I (as you know) am no good at keeping in touch either, but a blog does make it a little easier at least. Have fun in Italy! That sounds like so much fun!