Traveling? Don't Mind the Unusual?

Being a cheapskate and a lover of all things Rick Steves, I am always looking for cheaper ways to travel.  I came across this website from a New York times article and booked a room in Rome today for 1/2 the price of even the cheapest of hotels in our guidebook. 

Airbnb, while I don't exactly understand the name, is a place where regular folks or budding bed and breakfast proprietors can list their properties on the internet, many at a fraction of what you'd pay in "regular" hotels.  It's kind of like couchsurfing where people offer beds/couches around the world for free, but for some reason a little money put down made me feel less nervous about it.  Maybe I assume there will be a smaller hippie count if actual dinero is exchanged?  This website lists beds worldwide - including the US.  What could be nicer than getting to know real locals when you travel?  They can tell you the best restaurants, the best activities, and the best restaurants...did I already say that?

But aren't you afraid they will rob you and remove your kidneys in the middle of the night? Well, I guess there is always that possibility.  There is a review system where previous guests can comment on their experience, like tripadvisor (which I also use a lot), and I made sure to reserve a room that had many reviews - all positive.  You can also report any inappropriate kidney removing activity to airbnb directly.  Maybe they have a team of thugs on staff, I don't know.      

Anyway, I will surely report on our experience and if anyone has used or uses this service in the future LET ME KNOW.   Our days of vagabond traveling are probably coming to an end as I don't know if Diplomats can busk their way through Europe.  So viva la jobless life while it lasts.  


  1. I forgot to answer you earlier, HELL YES we'll be here in July. We would be honored if we get to see you...even for a short visit. I can hardly wait!!!

  2. Hi Brooke, Thanks for dropping by the blog! I seriously did a lot of research about getting a degree in library science. I love books. I have a hard time finishing them, since I usually concurrently ready 3 or 5 at a time. What do you plan to do once the Mr. joins the FS? Are you thinking about going tandem?