Basilica Di San Nicola

We visited the Basilica di San Nicola di Tolentino.  Tolentino is a beautiful little medieval town about 45 minutes away from where we are staying.  San Nicola dedicated himself to praying for those in purgatory and was made a saint shortly after his death in 1305.  The church has a series of tiny dioramas in the basement depicting the different scenes of his life as well as a nativity room with nativities from around the world.  

Something about seeing this completely non-touristy church in the heart of what was Medieval Catholicism was really special to me.  People still practice and worship here and as far as I could tell we were the only foreigners.  Not that St. Peter's Basilica in Rome wasn't spectacular, but there was something very beautiful and peaceful in this church.  I think it's one of my favorite churches out of those I've seen - and I've seen a grundle of churches.  


  1. Oh BROOKE. How GORGEOUS!!!!

    Your pictures are just breathtaking. As always!

  2. Beautiful pictures and I LOVE The word "grundle". I am for sure going to have to use that in a sentence today. It is so fun to follow your adventure... even though I don't envy the sleeping in different houses thing :)