Those Crazy French

Despite my enormous fear of getting interrogated at the Airport and my electronics confiscated, Max and I had a safe confiscation/interrogation free flight from Tel Aviv - Riga, Latvia - and finally Nice, France.  Initially our plan was to stay in a shared bathroom bunk bed kind of delio...and you all know how well that worked out last time for us.  I decided to surprise Max with reservations for our first and only night in Nice with a nice room - still two beds pushed together - but clean and our own.  The walls are lined with yellow and pink flowered fabric.  Very French.  And oh my, I just noticed that there is a Mcdonalds across the street from our hotel.  You never get too far from home :)  
After getting almost no sleep on the less than comfortable Baltic Air seats, we were dead tired and crashed for a few hours in our tiny yellow room.   After some much needed rest we ate at "Hippopotamus" - great name, saw some unreal street dancers and the coolest public art I may have ever seen.  Glowing man-lamps in various kneeling positions.  They change color too.    


  1. So glad your flight was event free. Hope the rest of your travels are even more pain free:)

  2. Oh Brooke. Nice was one of my most favorite places in Europe. The food was to die for...I probably gained ten pounds in France alone. :)
    I love all your incredible pictures and can't wait to hear more about your traveling.

  3. Beautiful photos ... so so glad you got off safely and are having a great time!