Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque

On Saturday Max and I toured the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca.  It is one of the largest mosques in the world after the mosques of Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia).  Its minaret is the tallest in the world at 210 meters.  It can fit 25,000 worshipers inside and an additional 80,000 outside.  It is massive.  It took 6000 Moroccan artisans to complete the artistry and rich detail found in and around the mosque and almost everything came from the country of Morocco save the Venetian glass for the chandeliers.  The ceiling inside the mosque can be opened up to let in sunlight and fresh air.  Our guide kept saying "It's a high tech mosque". 

I didn't have the right lens to capture its massiveness - but you can get an idea of how massive it is here.  These are some closer pictures of the detailed artistry that can be found on every surface.  


  1. Sweet. Mother. Of. Lust. I need to visit.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love reading about Morocco. I am going to Hebrew University next year for grad school and I have some questions for you about your time there--I will have to email you and ask. Hope all is well!