They Say It's Your Birthday

Well, it was. And what a birthday it was!

Max really spoiled me and I had perhaps my best birthday ever. We decided to make a last minute mini-trip up to Nazareth. We rented the tiniest car Budget offered and took a lovely drive up north along the coast and then inland to Nazareth. Driving in Israel is a little insane - crazy driving is something that Israelis and Arabs alike enjoy. But to be fair, it's better than Amman and MUCH better than Cairo, city of eminent-death-by-vehicle.

Anyway, we saw some of the sights of Nazareth including the Church of the Annunciation, largest church in the Middle East and supposed sight where the Angel appeared to Mary to tell her of her impending pregnancy. My favorite part of the church were the representations of Mary sent in from all over the world. They had images made of tiles, stone, and paintings from Thailand, China, Scotland, India, Spain, Canada - you name it.

Do you want to know what the United States' contribution looks like?

And why wouldn't it?  This is clearly the most naturally interpretation of Mary... I'm being snarky, but I actually liked it in a crazy-art kind of way.  There is some quotation next to it from something Catholic, I think,  that talks about Mary appearing with a dress like "shook foil".  On a world wide scale I think of America as fairly traditional, so this avant-garde-ness really surprised me.   

But the best part was really our trip to the top of Mount Tabor, where the transfiguration of Jesus in the New Testament happened.  We spent some time in the church at the very top and then snooped around the ruins.  We also caught the most amazing sunset I've seen in my 26 years of life.  It took up the whole sky and drifted down across the Jezreel Valley.  We ate pizza with bacon later that night and all was right with the world.

Mount Tabor from a distance, the view from the top of the Jezreel Valley

Church on Top of Mount Tabor

Here we are on the top of Mount Tabor

Me, doing exactly what I do each time we take a trip  - read the guidebook

A little Video, ignore my gasps. It was that breathtaking!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brooke! I'm glad you found a great way to celebrate.

  2. No Far. When I turned 26 I went out to dinner with my honey...Olive Garden maybe! You guys are awesome and deserve every minutes of amazingness!
    Love ya,