All These Things That I've Done

That's shout out to Beezer, and any other Killers fans out there.

This week Max's uncle has been in town and boy, have we been busy!  It's so great to have someone look at your city with new eyes so that you can wipe the tarnish away from your own.  We have seen oodles of things and have learned to appreciate Jerusalem even more than before.  The following list is an attempt to record all of the things we will have done and seen together after he leaves on Monday morning:

Wandered through the old city
Western Wall
Church of the Redeemer
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Russian Orthodox Alexander Hospice
Walked from Mount Scopus across to the Mount of Olives and down to the Kidron Valley
Russian Orthodox Church of the Ascension
Listened to the most beautiful singing by Russian Orthodox women at the chapel of the Ascension
Mosque of the Ascension
The Church of Paternoster
The Cemeteries of the Mount of Olives
Ate a bag lunch at the Dominus Flevit Chapel
Russian Church of St. Mary Magdeline
Garden of Gethsemene
Mary's Grotto
Dormition Abby (Church)
Hall of the Last Supper
King David's Tomb
The City of David and its environs
Organ Concert at the BYU Jerusalem Center
Khalidi Library
Via Dolorosa
Kotel Tunnels
Animal Kingdom Felafel Joint (delicious, but a bit unsanitary to say the least - not really called animal kingdom...but you get the idea)
Syriac Orthodox Church
Hurva Synagogue
Delicious Delicious, Not so Kosher, Focaccia Bar (I had the roast beef salad, thank you for asking)
Dead Sea
Haram esh-Shariff/Temple Mount
Shaban's Infamous Shop

Pfew.  Needless to say, we are beat.  Max and I are actually taking a little trip up north after we drop Dan off at the airport.  We plan to eat fish in Acco (an old crusader port town), look at, and let's be honest, buy paper at a hippy dippy paper mill in Ya'cov Zirchon, and get massages after a long day's hike through Zippori National Park.  

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  1. I can't believe how many things you guys did! I am exhausted just looking at the list. But it sounds amazing! Love you guys!