Check List

Road trip to Zippori and subsequent overnight in secluded cabin in lush northern Israel - check

All day pampering for mere shekels at a country spa - check

Paper Workshop where we made paper from trees - check

Paper Purchasing - of course, check

101 degree temperature, vomit, and trips to the toilet in 20 minute increments for 4 days - check

I'm going back to bed for now.  Pictures and details to follow at an undetermined point in the future.


  1. So sorry! Get well soon!

  2. It's Friday, and that means that the Sixth Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

    Here is the link:


    (If I quoted your text or used your photo(s) and you would rather I had not, please let me know. Please also be sure to check the link(s) that I put up to you, in order to verify that they work properly. If you would rather that I had not referenced you, and/or do not want me to reference you in the future, please also contact me.)


  3. How awful. I hope you got to enjoy your trip before you got sick. Feel better soon!

  4. oh that suck! sorry. we just got over being sick as well. hope you feel better soon.