Spring Has Sprung...and It's Gross

We have a visitor coming tomorrow who will stay with us for a week.  We are very excited about this and we have been planning for weeks.

This morning, before I was fully awake, I made a trip into the bathroom.  As I was doing what people do in bathrooms my vision slowly came into focus (I'm a really heavy sleeper and it takes me some time in the morning to regain my human form) I noticed that the floor was moving.  Ants.  Big 'uns.  They were all over the bathroom floor and as I followed their trail down the hallway and into the kitchen I discovered that the kitchen floor was moving too. 

I was ooked beyond all ookiness and I sqealed and yelped until Max woke up and raced into the kitchen.  Then my McMan of a husband, still in his nightly attire, chased all of the ants around with a role of tape to squash and pick up their bodies in one swift motion.  It took maybe 30 minutes.

When Max was done and the kitchen fully sanitized we each had a piece of toast for breakfast.  When I handed Max his piece he looked up at me and said "Wanna toast our toast?"  And we bumped our little squares together.  It seemed like the most logical thing in the world and I only asked him why he proposed such a thing at dinner. "I don't know, I  had just defeated the ant kingdom and I wanted to celebrate."

If Max's Uncle wants a real taste of the Middle East, Ants and all, then he will most certainly get it this week!


  1. Ah, yes. Spring. :)

    Vinegar/Dish Soap/Water in a spray bottle kills on contact. And it's not toxic, so...yeah.

    We know about ants, oh, boy! :)

  2. We discovered a fantastic weapon in the war against ants while we were living in Cairo.

    Mix two parts water and one part vinegar, then add one teaspoon of dishsoap.

    Put the above concoction in a spray bottle. Spray anywhere you see ants (and anywhere in the general area that you don't want to see ants) a couple of times every day.

    (The science behind the potion: the vinegar destroys the scent trail that ants use to navigate, and the soap kills the ants.)

    Hope this helps--ants are no fun.

  3. I'm not glad that my friends have had such extensive ant dealings, but I am very glad that they shared their good advice with me! I'm on day two of spraying the area with your magic potion and so far so good.

  4. As I was walking home from Kindergarten today after having a not so successful attempt to communicate in German with another mom, my three little dudes and I were in the pouring rain and I was thinking about you. Why? Because sometimes I get tired of living overseas and being a foreigner - but I'm not even in a crazy place or planning on a career full of crazy places. You amaze me. How do you keep excited about it all with bugs in the kitchen and crowded buses?

  5. Learning. Everything is about learning for me. About people, cultures, myself, ant killers - everything.

    Don't be too hard on yourself, people tend to blog only about the triumphs. The darker stuff is for journals and the midnight phone calls to Mom :)