"Internet People Are Real"

That's what Max lamented after we spent 45 minutes or so reading out loud through Amazon reviews of Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol. If you are as nerdy as we are and need something hilarious to distract you (fall down hilarious) and you've got the patience to sift through a gazillion egomaniacs, you should head over to Amazon.com sometime. It's a bit of found poetry in a way... If you read the follow up comments things get even better.

This review and ensuing comment board was especially entertaining. (They are supposed to be kids going to wizard school...)

**A Brief Disclaimer*** There are many good reviews and many good reviewers on Amazon.com. I like Amazon.com, I buy many of my books there. It's scary to step outside yourself and write a review of something for it to be published...especially if jerks like me are laughing at them across the world. But some of these reviewers are asking for it. The 6 point list of advice for Dan Brown followed by the equally snarky response comments? It's "Waiting for Guffman" and it doesn't even know it...but that's why it's Guffman...


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