St Peter’s Fish Tastes like ‘Nothin’ at All’: Day Three

(This is train of bananas being pulled by a tractor.  We saw it cross the road while we were waiting at a bus stop)

After the bus dropped us off at the Karei Deshe bus stop we had to walk quite a long loopity loop towards the sea of Galilee to the Karei Deshe guest house. The Guest house/hostel is actually very nice for normal standards so for our hostel expectations it was exceptional. All except for the fact that it was a little difficult to access by bus and walking and getting anywhere around the lake would require waiting a long time for the very few buses that passed and walking a long time in the blazing heat with our packs. We are such wimpy back-packers. So we had a quick “planning meeting” and decided to stay only two nights at Karei Deshei and the third in Safed or Tsfat, the highest city in Israel. We had wanted to visit Tsfat, but without a car it would be nearly impossible if we didn’t stay the night. We’d deal with how to get there after dinner.

All that thinking made our tummies grumble and we called a cab to take us to Tiberias. Tiberias was a little bit of ghost town and a meal of less than mediocre fish at “Laguna” set us a little off for the night. We’d heard so much about the “St. Peter’s Fish” – it’s like, the thing that people eat at the Galilee, but it tasted like nothing dipped in batter. I couldn’t even spruce it up with the juice of an entire lemon. I have eaten a St. Peter’s fish, and that’s great, but it wasn’t anything to…blog about…

We walked up and down the pier for a little bit before taking a cab back to our hostel. As we were deciding what to do the next day it became clear to us that we couldn’t do everything we wanted (or anything really) unless we had a car. I thought it would be uber expensive, but the local car rental agency rents vehicles for what turned out to be a little over 40 dollars a day. So I made reservations to pick up a vehicle the next day in Tiberias, canceled out last night in Karei Deshe so that we could spend the night in Tsfat and went to bed pleased as punch.


  1. I'm going on about 2 shaky hours of sleep and can't stop reading your blog. That's how entertaining your posts are. Be safe and I'll pray you don't run into any more men without their pants.

  2. My humiliation knows no borders or time zones