Tiberias Hot Springs

I can't believe I totally skipped over this part of our trip up north!  On day three, after the disappointing fish, we walked a little bit further into town, away from the sea and into the crowded parts of the city.  We packed our swimming suits in our backpack just in case we came across a swimming opportunity (I'm part fish, what can I say) and swimming opportunity we did indeed come upon.

We took a little shared taxi/bus to the Tiberias Hot Springs and spent an evening of therapeutic swimming with the seniors of Tiberias.  When we first got there I said to Max "let's go in a check around to see if we really want to stay here and swim or not".  When I went into the room with the inside pool my mouth dropped a little.  I went back to Max and said  "huh.  I don't know about this."  And so he went to check it out.  He came back with a grin on his face and said "It's too goofy to pass up!"

The goofiness that Max referred to was this: 

A giant pool of green water.  There is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool on the other side of the wall, as well as a large fresh water outdoor pool. I actually had to close my eyes the first time I got into the water.  It gave me the major ooks.  Bu the water was warm, only slightly iron tasting, and evidently full of minerals that will cure anything that ails our bodies.  We spent a few hours here an it was actually very enjoyable.  

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