Beard Update: yoter mi-dai/A Minor Setback

The odd phrase above means "more than enough" in Hebrew and that's what I got when I went to see the barber last week. You see, learning a new language throws you into all sorts of situations where the outcome may be completely unexpected and perhaps less than desirable. No offense to Yossi, but what you see below was not what I had in mind.

I was mentally writing this blog post on the way home after it happened. It was kind of a blur, but he had pointed in the general direction of my face and asked "This?" I didn't respond because he had turned his back to get the nice lady with the hair dye a drink of water. So when the clippers made their light-speed jump from my noggin to my chin, I only had time enough to gasp before they blazed a divot through my beard up toward my ear. Now, I was confronted with a choice: storm off and live with a divot or grit my teeth and accept the fact that this dude just hacked off several weeks worth of hard-won beard growth.

So I sat and took my divoting like a man, parting with 50 shekels for my trouble. I have since come to terms with the minor setback and, as you can see below, things are coming along like they should.

But just to be on the safe side, no haircuts for a while.

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  1. As our fathers would say, "A blind man trotting on a horse would never notice".