Home is Where You Eat Your Dinner

A lot of important emotions at our house revolve around food. That being said, being able to cook in my own kitchen finally has been a great feeling. We got 4 fancy white dishes to set a real person's table, and with some groceries and a little equipment (more on that later) we are eating real meals! For the last few nights when we sit down for dinner Max has insisted on taking pictures.

Here you go Mom and Dad, we are eating just fine. In fact, we are eating Mexican food. Who knew such a thing could come to pass out here?

We've also posted some posters we brought around the house. And lots of Ashmae art. Thanks dear.


  1. Wow! Your food looks so delicious and attractive too! I am super jealous. :)

  2. Love love love the blog! Also my mouth is watering over your lovely dishes of yummy food. Mount of Olives concert - sounds amazing. also pleased that Max is indeed married to Brooke and that Facebook has confirmed that. Love you both enormously!! Mum