They lost our bags...they found our bags!

When we arrived at the Tel Aviv airport yesterday at about 3 pm we quickly discovered that Austrian Air had lost 3 of our bags. 3! We were actually in pretty good spirits having been well fed and reasonably rested.

After filing a claim about our bags we had a very smooth ride on a shared taxi or "Sherut" to the central bus station in Jerusalem and then a nice Taxi man drove us to our Hotel in East Jerusalem "The Holy Land Hotel". Even though we were on the verge of death due to lack of sleep at that point (I slept the entirely of all 3 plane rides, I don't know how that adds up...) we girded our loans and went into the old city for dinner and a little walk about.

I'll post more about that later, but the bottom line is we are safe and sound AND Max just got off the phone and they FOUND OUR LUGGAGE! Which is fabulous news. I had been so worried about how we were going to get all of our stuff in one car to our apartment and how we were going to cart it all around at the same time and POW, problem solved with a little bit o' lost luggage. The airport is going to deliver our bags to our house at about 3. That's a spot of alright, I'd say

I took this video this morning (we are 9 hours ahead) right on our balcony. I opened the blinds when we got here and was face to face (kind of) with the Dome of the Rock. Amazing.


  1. That is unreal. So when do you move in? Oh I miss you already, but the videos help.

  2. That is so cool that you are living in Israel!

  3. Austrian Air lost MY luggage on the flight from Vienna to Kyiv in the Fall of 2007! Must be all of those closet Nazis who search for "All ze good Schtuff" on transcontinental flights.

    Cheers kids! You are the best!!!

  4. Love the video and Max's crazy facial hair. I love your life!