Jeux de "Aviv"


This Friday (which is like Saturday for most of you) Max and I woke up bright and early - the crack of 7 am - and boarded a bus headed for Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the economic capital of Israel, and actually, it is the disputed "real" capital of Israel. Most people in Israel say that Jerusalem is the capital, but most countries and organizations outside of Israel say that Tel Aviv is the capital. The U.S. embassy is in Tel Aviv, but there is a consulate in Jerusalem to kind of ease the tension about it.

Anyway, we met our friend Tal in Dizengoff Square and he lead us around for the day. We spent the morning in the Mediterranean sea and the afternoon eating a most delicious hamburger at a trendy little restaurant called "Moses".

We walked through all of the big streets and saw a famous street performer singing Patriotic Israeli songs and many amazing flea markets. At one such flea market I found a treasure of treasures. This little book was owned by a Polish Jew from Krakow (you can see the city's name on the back of the book). He/She brought it with her when she made Aliyah in 1935, just before WWII. Aliyah is when Jews from anywhere in the world move to Israel and claim their citizenship based solely on their Jewish heritage. Any Jew can do this. Anyway, there are a few songs and a few journal entries written in this book. My heart stopped when I found it.


It was great day.


  1. I had to remind myself to begin breathing again after seeing that. Wow! What a great treasure!

  2. So, when I get bored at work and need a pick-me-up I come to read your blog. I love all the updates and pictures. Does it feel surreal to you that you are just chilling on the other side of the world?

    Also, random side note, my sister is going to apply to the BYU Jerusalem program next year and I told her that she'll have at least one friend in the area. :) Maybe, if she gets in, you could show her around?

    I'm having the baby Thursday, so maybe we could talk afterwards? I'll be in the hospital at least four days, but I really want to talk to you... let me know what you prefer.

    LOVE YA!!