Goodbye Finals, Hello Eilat!

I just submitted my last final for what has been my hardest semester.  Hooray is a giant understatement, but anyway, Hooray.  Only two semesters left.  

To celebrate our respective survivals from school and to best honor the money I made teaching extra English classes I didn't want to teach this semester, The Husband and I are headed south to Eilat this weekend.  Eilat is part of the "trifecta of snorkel" located on the red sea - its partners in trifectedness are Taba in Egypt and Aquaba in Jordan.  They all share a pretty tiny cove of "world class" snorkeling.
So, we are trekking it thought the Desert (of the 40 years fame) hot, sweaty bus style.  Our plan is pretty much 1) Eat 2) Snorkel 3) Read 4) Eat Again.  We may try our hand at SNUBA, basically SCUBA with training wheels, but we're not sure how much we'll trust the fine establishment that runs it.   


  1. I've been reading your blog for a little while now. I'm a PD candidate waiting for FS security clearances. My husband and I are going to Eilat in June for our vacation, so I can't WAIT to see your photos! Have a great time.


  2. Congrats, Brookie! That's awesome. Eilat looks amazing!

  3. Have fun! Would love to hear more about "SNUBA".

  4. Hey, don't forget the other town that's trying to create a tourist industry on the Gulf of Aqaba - Haql, Saudi Arabia! (It's pronounced 'huckle.') A friend of mine has been there and says it's so cute how they want to be a resort town except for that minor detail that they're in Saudi.


  5. Lisa - that's great! I will certainly post some pics.