I Have Nothing to Say

"London's 2012 Olympic committee unveiled their mascots today and frankly...they're weird. The one-eyed creatures, Wenlock and Mandeville, were introduced at a children's playground, and it's hard not to imagine there weren't a few nervous tears at first sight (especially given their slightly aggressive poses in this picture--even if they are channeling Usain Bolt). Their names come from towns in England: Much Wenlock is a village in Shropshire which hosted an early forerunner to the modern Olympic Games, and Stoke Mandeville is a town in Buckinghamshire where the Paralympic games began. And their origin story (do mascots need an origin story?) is that they are creatures made from the last two drops of steel used to build the Olympic stadium."

Janel Nanos, May 19, 2009.  
Intelligent Travel Blog (National Geographic Traveler), retrieved May 20, 2009


  1. I am not sure how I missed adding you to the future FSO blogroll, but I have remedied that! Welcome to the FS!

  2. hahahaha Yeah I was reading about them too. SO creepy.

  3. Wow. That is...uhh...original?

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