Aint Nothing Gonna Brake-a My Stride

You may wonder why I've been posting every 30 minutes. I'm sick. That's why. I caught a Mcnasty cold on Monday morning after a weekend of festivities for the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah (I'll post about the fiestas later). I've pretty much been in bed since then but today I got out of bed, showered, ate regular meals, and put on some makeup.

Why? We are going to Jordan tomorrow! A dear family in the branch offered to help us get our Visas (he's a Foreign Service Officer) and give us a ride across the border into Jordan and we couldn't resist the offer. Snot or no snot we are going.

I think. I also convinced Max that it would be fun to stay in one of those crappy mixed dorm rooms where they rent beds for 11$ a person a night. Really. We are staying 3 nights backpacker style in the Sydney Hostel for 60 bucks or so. Sweet deal....maybe not so sweet rooms. I kept saying "But we'll never get to do it again! We'll have kids or be too old. Let's just do it once and if it is a nightmare we can upgrade." The room only has 6 single beds in it and yesterday it was empty. I hope that no one signs up and we will have paid 22 bucks for a private room. I shall report.


  1. Did I ever tell you how I stayed in a "mixed" room in Ireland once? It slept 6 people, and I walked up to the room and opened the door... and there were 5 naked men inside. Yeah, there was no way I was sleeping in there.

  2. What an incredible experience you guys are having!!! (Let me know if you ever have to go back to DC for any training for the F.S. We would love to see you two!)