"My Favorite Iron Chef is Bobby Flay"

So I started volunteering everyday at an International School Library. The library serves children ages k-12 and the school is taught in English, though the library has materials in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian as well. Today was my second day and so far so good. I got on a bus all by my self and got off on the right bus stop on my FIRST try.

Yesterday at lunch I had the kind of conversation that I used to have at the library and it made me so happy. 12 year old Sarah approached the library counter with "The Joys of Cooking" a tomb of a cooking book.

Me: Are you going to learn to cook?

Sarah: Are you American?

Me: Yes, why?

Sarah: Do you know Iron Chef, the show?

Me: Yes...

Sarah: My brother wants to be a professional chef so I'm getting this for him. His favorite chef is Bobby Flay

Me: Oh! Well, who is your favorite chef?

Sarah (without hesitation): Kat Cora

- she checked out her book and went her way. Later that day the miniature spiting image of her in little boy form walked in and marched right up the the desk

Little Boy: My sister got it wrong, Mario Vitallio is my favorite Iron Chef.

He informed me. Just so I knew. It was great, and, for the record, I think Bobby Flay is my favorite Iron Chef because of all the grillin'.


  1. Hey! We just found your blog tonight, and I must say--I'm impressed! (Also, I'm insanely jealous.) We're excited to keep up on your adventures.

    Spencer (and Karina)

  2. Bobby Flay is my favorite Iron Chef, for sure. I love that conversations with the public translate in all parts of the world. Love you both!!!

  3. I don't know why but that just got me a little teary eyed. I'm so glad you're at the library and that little kids want you to know who their favorite person is on Iron Chef. I think they always let Bobby Flay win.