"I've Fallen To The Communists"

Max and I played monopoly for 4.5 hours last night. That's right. It was a swinging Friday night at the Stoneman's. (Thursday is our Friday)

We had a breakdown a few hours into the game where we argued solely through historical metaphors:


-Tearing Down the Wall

(Max was ticked when I wouldn't trade with him. But I was the only one with develop-able property, why would I trade?)

-The "deal" that Netanyahu is willing to make with Palestinians - including no control over their airspace or electromagnetic field (radio and television), restricted movement, no military, and many other things that make the deal unpalatable to Palestinians.

(I didn't trade, because Max was offering a garbage deal)

-Partners in Peace
-Meeting at the table

(They always use these terms when they talk about the Arab/Israeli conflict. The Israeli's won't come to the table because they don't have a "partner in peace". While I was laying under the table threatening to quit and secede the game to Max he kept yelling "I need a partner in peace to meet me at the table! Don't you want to be partners in peace?")


(We did indeed trade and I ended up wining about 1.5 hours later. It was my first victory and it was well worth the 4.5 hour game)


  1. You guys have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer the world! ;)

  2. Oh, and you just reinforced my dislike for the game of Monopoly. If there was ever a flying chance I was going to play it with you guys, it is officially out the window. :)

  3. Funniest post ever. I love monopoly. I wouldn't have traded either and I am rolling over about Max's tactics. You guys kill me.

  4. Ha! I love it! That's my kind of monopoly game!

  5. Haha, and I love the tag 'Standard Nerds.'

  6. What would Frickity-Frank have done? All I can say is he would not have been a match for either of you. Delightful post. Felt like I was sitting there, laughing at your antics, reading my book, and eating chocolate licorice. Love you mounds.

  7. The first time I played Monopoly was with Max. He killed me. I think that turned me off to the game for the rest of my life. We play a game called "Settlers of Catan" and more than once I think the game almost cost us our marriage.