Summer Plans...

Ok friends, I need all of your collective resources on this one. I had an epiphany last night about what we should do this summer. Max won't have classes but we will still be paying for expensive housing and it doesn't look like jobs will be in our future (I'm still holding out for one job here, but not holding my breath). If we knew we could get jobs at home we could go home and probably at least break even, maybe even make some money. But it would also be fun to travel, but who has the money for that, right?

Soooo, I was thinking that we could go somewhere that would pay us to teach English! We wouldn't have to pay for our apartment here, we could maybe make a little bit of money or at least break even wherever we go, and we could see a new place.

Trying to find the right kind of program is going to be the hard part. I wanted to put some feelers out there and see if any of you are aware of programs that pay to teach English abroad. We are really open to going anywhere in the world, though Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are probably the most practical. Spain is my current pie in the sky idea right now, but we are not picky.

Send us your knowledge!


  1. What? No classes? Did Max's program fall through? I haven't checked your blog in a while, but I think I missed something. I'm afraid I don't have any info about Enlgish teaching programs - but I know they do exist and you can actually make money. A friend of ours went to Taiwan and did it. Good luck.

  2. Let me just say, you came to the right place. :)

    Firstly, good luck finding a place to legally work in Europe (and since Max is hoping to work for the US gov, I'd guess he probably doesn't want to go around breaking laws just before a job is offered). The EU is a bugger about visas for American English teachers; they're next to impossible to get, especially if you don't come with a PhD or 4 extra teaching degrees or something fancy like that. Though you might (MIGHT) be able to get a job as a English camp counselor in Italy. I've seen lots of advertisements for summer camp jobs on various websites, but I'm not sure what their visa policy would be.

    I would say Asia is probably your best bet. They usually pay quite well and don't have many qualifications for their teachers (um, not that you aren't qualified, just that you don't need a TEFL certificate or anything like that). They often offer a salary + living stipend or something like that. Especially in China.

    I've found jobs in the Middle East to be available, but hard to get. They want their teachers to come with all the bells and whistles. And I think they're usually more long-term oriented. But since you're actually there, you might find jobs that don't make it to the world wide web. (If you find any good ones, let me know!)

    Two websites I've used on my search for english jobs:


    Good luck!

    Though I kind of hope you stay in Israel for a little while so I can come visit...