There is a hamster in the library at the school where I volunteer. Students are allowed to play with it during lunch and since I'm 'on duty' during lunch my only rule is that I don't have to touch it.

Two of the most adorable blond girls from Norway come in every day at lunch and ask to play with him. It struck me on Thursday that to me, they are adorable blond 3rd graders, but to Mr. Hamster, they are terrors. Probably worse than terrors. They poke at his cage, coo for him to come out, make him walk up and down planks (though they are practicing their knowledge of simple machines) and sometimes put him on their shoulders.

I think that something bad happened the other day because I came over to where they were playing with him and he was laying face down on the ground, not moving.... They quickly put him back in the cage and ran through the doors as fast as they could. ...Seems suspicious doesn't it?

I haven't been back to school yet, but I hope all is well with Mr. Hamster Pants. I don't want to touch him, but I don't really want him going to Hamster Heaven on my watch either.


  1. Sad. I think I'm going to start crying.

  2. Sadly, I have something very similar living in my house at the moment. The Terminex man said "somebody's gerbil got loose". If the "non-mouse" shows up on the glue trap(worst fear is it is a rat) that now adorn my new bathroom, I will have to touch it the glue traps only. Hopefully it will be long dead. I hope he is smart enough to leave on his own. Things that scurry or have more legs than I do are not allowed.