Fairly Warned Be Ye, Says I

We haven't blogged about this for a bit, but as part of this stage in the Foreign Service process might involve many of you we thought we'd p
ost and update.

Last week Max had his security clearance interview at the US consulate here in Jerusalem. A nice woman asked him all kinds of personal questions and several variations on the theme "Have you ever tried to violently overthrow the U.S. government?" (The answer is no, by the by.) This woman indicated that the process might take a while since Max has never had government clearance before and that he has lived in several places. We hope it does actually, we would really like to finish the program here before we go.

Evidently last week someone called Max's brother and said "This is so and so from the State Department. I assume you know why I'm calling." So, let it be known that someone from the State Department may be calling you with a similarly cryptic opener.

As the famous words of the old Pirate's of the Caribbean ride said "Fairly warned be ye says I" (This phrase is also said by Captain Mcalister on the Simpsons in case you were wondering. Max made the connection on our family trip to Disneyland years ago).


  1. Oh I miss ya.

    Also, the beard stuff is cracking me up. Keep it going.

  2. I've received calls like that for former students and they are always unsettling. Plus, the juvenile in me always wants to answer with snide remarks -- something that would not be good.